Use our real-time Home Loans Calculator to see how much your monthly mortgage will be.

Our virtual calculator allows you to calculate the monthly payments on your mortgage. Adjust the variables (home price, loan term, down payment, and interest rate) in order to find the most financially viable plan for you. The estimated monthly payment factors in principle, property taxes, interest rates, and homeowners insurance.

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Why our Mortgage Calculator can help

Buying a house is usually the largest purchase you'll make during your lifetime. So, we recommend that you have a solid payment plan that is suited to you - with a budget you can stick to - before you start viewing properties.

There are 4 parts to a mortgage payment (known as PITI): principle, interest, taxes, and insurance. While most homeowners are aware of PITI, they can get caught out by some of the less predictable costs, such as homeowners association (HOA) fees, routine maintenance, private mortgage insurance, major repairs, larger utility bills, and more.

The Amerify Loan Calculator allows you to include PITI and HOA fees in your calculation, but not other costs. So, we suggest you always keep a safe margin between your monthly mortgage payments and your monthly income.

The interest rate you receive is determined by your debt-to-income ratio (calculated by adding the sum of all your debts plus your new mortgage payments, then dividing the result by your gross annual income) as well as your overall credit rating.

Frequently Asked Questions About Mortgage Calculators

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  • How accurate are Mortgage Calculators?
    Very accurate. However, you must make sure that you include all the necessary variables in order to get the most accurate result.

    Remember that many mortgage loans also carry mixed interest agreements that combine fixed and/or variable interest rates.

    Also, keep in mind that an online Mortgage Calculator is not absolute. It provides you with an estimation of your monthly expenses. If you want a more precise figure, please reach out to our Amerify team.
  • What other costs should I take into account?
    When setting up a mortgage plan, you must also be aware of less obvious supplementary costs, such as HOA fees, property taxes, mortgage insurance, or homeowners insurance. These expenses may be billed either monthly or yearly, but they should always be factored into your overall mortgage plan.