Looking to buy your dream house? Amerify is dedicated to helping new homeowners like yourself by offering customized loans. How? Our low interest rates and personalized customer service will make it easy for you to decide on fixed or variable interest rates, depending on your financing needs.

Conventional Home Loan

Home Purchase (as low as 3% down payment)
Private insurance not required (with 20% down payment)
Flexible term options between 8 to 30 years

FHA Loan

Initial 3.5% down payment
More flexible credit options for borrowers
Additional Mortgage insurance required
Flexible term options between 8 to 30 years

VA Loan

0% down payment
Specific to reservists, active duty, military veterans
Mortgage insurance not required
Simple credit requirements
Flexible term options between 8 to 30 years

Jumbo Loan

Home Loan amounts that exceed county limits
Higher reserve requirements
More restrictive debt-to-income ratio
Flexible term options between 8 to 30 years

USDA and Non-QM

For alternative income methods
Interest-only payment allowed
Perfect for self-employed borrowers
Flexible term options between 8 to 30 years

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Through competitive, low rates and personalized service, Amerify guarantees that you benefit from the interest rate that best suits your financial needs – variable or fixed.

Frequently Asked Questions About Home Loans

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  • What documentation is necessary to get a mortgage?
    1. Tax returns: For this, you'll need to fill out the 4506-T form as well as your tax forms for the last 2 years.

    2. Pay stubs, W-2s, or alternative proof of income: These documents relate to your payslips or paycheck stubs. In case you are self-employed, you should provide two recent tax return forms in addition to profit or loss statements.

    3. Bank statements and other documents: In addition to your bank statement, you can provide proof of your possessions or investment assets, for example, life insurance.

    4. Credit history: A record of how you have managed your credit in the past, evidencing any occurrence of bankruptcy or foreclosure.

    5. Gift letters: It's important to distinguish between a ""gift"" and a loan. If someone close to you wants to help with your down payment as a gift, you should provide this “gift letter” explicitly stating its nature and that it is not a loan.

    6. Photo ID: The photo should be recent and in passport style.

    7. Renting history: This allows you to guarantee that you can pay your rent bills on time.
  • How long does it take for a loan request to get approved?
    It usually takes 10 days from the first contact until the refinance is approved, assuming that all required documentation is submitted and no unforeseen issues take place.
  • What are HOA fees?
    The Home Owners Association (HOA) fees are monthly payments made by neighbors living in joint or condominium associations (block of flats or condos) to help maintain the shared areas of residence.
  • What is a down payment?
    A down payment is the sum of money, often in cash, used as an initial payment for expensive goods, such as a car or a house. Depending on the loan you choose, it can range from 0%, as in the case of VA Loans (Veterans only), or 3%.
  • What is the principal?
    The principal is the sum of money you originally agreed to pay back for your loan or refinance.
  • What is the loan term?
    The loan term refers to the period of time it takes to pay off the loan based on the amount and regularity agreed upon initially by both parties.

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